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Conventional Thickener Flocculant Control Valve . Conventional Thickener Feed Control Valve Price. Conventional Thickener Feed Control Valve Price. Sale. Heavy Duty Mining Pumps Made in Germany ABEL pumps. 100 customer reviews. costintensive processes that do not allow switching off in case of a diaphragm rupture. Get Price. Sale. PDF THICKENER DESIGN, CONTROL AND DEVELOPMENTConventional thickeners were dev eloped effects of feed rate, flocculant dosage and flu x aggregate growth and rupture to be measured for thickener feeds under turbulent pipe flow conventional thickener underflow outlet priceconventional thickener underflow outlet price. High pressure thickeners hrchr highpressure thickener is a product exclusively developed by our plant the hrchr highpressure thickener has the characteristic of large handling capacity and high underflow density, which can be at maximum, it is more than conventional thickener, and the handling capacity more times than the conventional

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The feed well is designed to allow the feed to enter the conventional thickener with minimum turbulence and uniform distribution while dissipating most of its kinetic energy. Feed slurry enters the feed well, which is usually lo ed in the centre of the thickener, through a pipe or …